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E.T. (Ted) Campbell

Mr. Campbell was born on a farm at Tessier, Saskatchewan, in 1909. The family later moved to Zealandia where Ted obtained his public and high school training. In 1942 he married Annie May Francise, and they have three boys and two girls. Jim, Ted’s eldest, is now teaching at Winnipeg, and Grant is completing his final year at the College of Optometry, Toronto. Marilin is employed with the Royal Bank in Regina, while Glen and Betty are attending school in Regina.


Ted commenced his studies at the University of Saskatchewan in 1929, but these were interrupted by a lengthy illness and, as a result, he did not receive his B.S.A. until 1940. During his final two years, he was a lab instructor and plant assistant.


His early interest in poultry developed while working during summer holidays at the Experimental Farm, Indian Head. On graduating, he accepted a position as District Supervisor in the Wheat Acreage Reduction Branch of the Canada Dept. of Agriculture, until 1943 when he was offered a position with the Income Tax Division, and another as Assistant Poultry Commissioner for Saskatchewan. Because of his past training in poultry, he decided on the latter, and has been with this Division ever since, being promoted to Poultry Commissioner in 1958.


During this time Ted has served in various organizations, among which are the Saskatchewan Poultry Association, as former Secretary-Treasurer. He is now Secretary-Treasurer of the Sask. Poultry Board and the Sask. Turkey Association. He was also active in the Agricultural Institute of Canada and Saskatchewan Institute of Agrology, having served as Branch President and later Provincial President of the organization, and was candidate as national director. He is a life member of the Saskatchewan Graduates Association.


Community-wise, Ted was a former member of the Executive of Davin Home and School Association in Regina, and is presently on a Group Committee on Scouting. He has been an elder and member of the official Board of Westminster United Church for the past seventeen years.


The Saskatchewan Turkey Association, to express their appreciation of Ted’s interest and enthusiasm in their organization, appointed him “Chief Strut of the Yorkton Turkey Tribe” in January, 1966. He was also awarded the title “A Good Egg” by the Poultry Products Institute of Canada in 1961 for meritorious service rendered to the Canadian Poultry Industry.


One of Ted’s outstanding achievements was the Open Air Breakfast staged during a square dance convention in Regina, involving serving bacon and eggs to 1,200 persons, in 1965. Many others could be cited, but space does not permit – so will just add, the Poultry Industry of Saskatchewan and Canada as a whole owes much to his untiring perseverance and devotion in the promotion of its interests. Rare are the functions where Ted does not expend much time and effort in setting up and finalizing plans for their successful conclusion.

Ted Campbell Retires After 31 Years As Saskatchewan’s Poultry Commissioner: 


Saskatoon was the scene February 12 of a special event. About 86 industry people braved a storm, some travelling hundreds of miles, to honour Ted Campbell on his retirement as Poultry Commissioner of the province of Saskatchewan. Following a reception and buffet supper, various industry people reminded Ted of some of the happenings during almost 31 years as assistant poultry commissioner and then poultry commissioner. The 1929 Marquette car which Ted drove until it was well past voting age and his abilities to start meetings but never end them on time were appropriately remembered with the presentation of a vintage model car and an alarm clock. Letters of greetings from industry people in every province were presented as well as a hand painted commemorative scroll. The final presentation took the form of a giant golden egg which, when opened, was found to be stuffed with one, two and five dollar bills as well as moth balls. This egg, supposedly a nest egg hidden by Ted, was actually more than $500 contributed by associations and individuals as a thank you for dedicated service (1937-1974).

Ted and his wife May will continue to reside in Regina at 2657 Angus Boulevard but will likely spend as much time as possible at the cottage on Echo Lake and in visiting their five children and the grandchildren.

E.T. (Ted) Campbell: Clients
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