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Rudy Martinka


Rudy Martinka established his love for agriculture growing up on a mixed grain farm near St. Benedict, SK. Rudy was always a forward thinker, even as a young adult. Upon graduation, he left for Vancouver to live and work in the computer industry, which at the time was in its infancy stages. After several years in the big city, he felt agriculture calling his name and he returned home to build upon the family farm. In 1980, Rudy built a dairy barn alongside his brother Marvin and sister-in-law Helen. In 1982, Rudy married his wife, Lois, and they would later be blessed with four children, Lane, Lauren, Jill, and Deena. In 1988, they welcomed a third brother, Laverne, and his wife, Colleen, into the partnership which allowed them to further expand the dairy. Everyone pitched in and all the kids learned to milk cows!

After 25 years of intensive dairy life, a change was needed. Following the loss of his wife, Rudy was looking to slow down a bit. Broiler quota was available, so they made the leap and traded in their dairy quota for broiler chicken quota. Two broiler barns were built on the home farm in 2005 and Martinka Chicks was established. After a few years in broiler production, Rudy was approached to become a CFS director. In 2009, he was elected to the board and began serving what would end up being a nine-year term. During this time, Rudy spent eight years representing Saskatchewan in Ottawa; four years as CFC alternate, followed by four years as CFC director.

Rudy was a well-respected member at CFC and CFS and made many friends along the way. He always took full advantage of the opportunities that came to him and brought back many new innovative ideas to not only his farm but to Saskatchewan. He sat on the Production Committee at a national level and has always been a strong advocate for farmers. Following his time on the CFS board, Rudy served an additional six years on the SCIDF committee. His experience and ability to think strategically were great contributions.


Rudy’s passion for the broiler chicken industry remains strong even as he transitions into retirement. His mentorship is greatly valued by many producers in the province, but especially back at the home farm where his son, Lane, and wife, Tiffany, continue the legacy of the Martinka Chicks operation.

Todd Clarke
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