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Clifford Colborn


Born in Delisle, SK, on May 7th, 1934, Clifford George Colborn was the youngest son of Harry and Rita Colborn. Clifford grew up on the family farm four miles north of Delisle. He attended a small rural school one and a half miles from the farm where he took his elementary school, and then finished high school in Delisle.

Clifford was always interested in agriculture and farming was what he wanted to do. After finishing school in 1951, he started helping on the farm with his Dad, Harry, and brother, Keith. They started a Records of Performance (R..O.P.) program, breeding light Sussex birds, and Clifford helped to trap nest the birds and record the eggs. The hatching eggs went to Early Hatcheries in the winter, and in the off season, they were graded and sold to O.K. Economy stores in Saskatoon. In later years, the eggs were shipped to Star Egg Co. to be graded and sold. Clifford liked looking after the poultry and saw many changes over the years.


The farm went from floor birds in the 1950’s to five different cage operations, along with newer barns and then to enriched cages. Production improved over the years from thirteen dozen eggs per bird to twenty-eight dozen in 2019. Colborn Farms Ltd., has been fortunate to have the younger generations interested in farming. There are now three generations involved with a fairly large enterprise of grain, poultry and cattle.

Over the years, Clifford was a Director on the Saskatchewan Egg Board for twelve years and Director of the Delisle Co-op Association. He was also a Cubmaster in Delisle for several years and is a board member of the Delisle United Church.

In 1964, Clifford married Marian Sutherland, a Borden girl, who came to Delisle to nurse in the local hospital. They have a son, Darren, married to Jody; and a daughter, Laura, married to Ryan; and now the family includes three granddaughters and one grandson. Clifford and Marian live in Delisle and enjoy community activities with family and friends.

Brendan Hergott (2019): Clients
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