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Recognizing leaders in the SK poultry industry

Commercial poultry producers in Saskatchewan are always ready for the next challenge and strive to ensure the success of the industry.

Individuals inducted into the Saskatchewan Poultry Hall of Fame are leaders who have contributed their time and efforts to improve the industry. 

Rudy Martinka was inducted in 2024.

Please scroll down to view past inductees.

2024 Rudy Martinka - original_edited.jpg
SK Poultry Hall of Fame: Our Farm
SK Poultry Hall of Fame: Clients
HLC head shot.jpg

Dr. Henry L. Classen (2018)

2017 Bob Kowalchuk v2_edited_edited.jpg

Bob Kowalchuk (2017)

Bert Harman - 2013.jpg

Bert Harman (2013)

2006 Dennis Billo_edited_edited.jpg

Dennis Billo (2006)

Mackie, Dave_edited.jpg

Dave Mackie (2005)

2004 Nick Sloboshan_edited.jpg

Nick Sloboshan (2004)

2003 Keith Colborn_edited.jpg

Keith Colborn (2003)

2002 Carol Teichrob_edited_edited.jpg

Carol Teichrob (2002)

2000 Frank Wilson.jpg

Frank Wilson (2000)

1999 Craig Riddell.jpg

Dr. Craig Riddell (1999)

1998 Ron Anstey.jpg

Ron Anstey (1998)

1993 Roy Crawford.jpg

Dr. Roy Crawford (1993)

1988 Brownlow_edited_edited.jpg

Douglas Brownlow (1988)

1987 Fred Longstaff.jpg

Fred Longstaff (1987)

Percy Anstey.jpg

Percy Anstey

Walter W_edited.jpg

Walter W. Brown

E.T. (Ted) Campbell.jpg

E.T. (Ted) Campbell

Donald Conrad.jpg

Donald Conrad

Lloyd Crawford.jpg

Lloyd Crawford

Harold Crossman_edited.jpg

Harold Crossman

Ralph Effler.jpg

Ralph Effler

Alfred Litzenberger.jpg

Alfred Litzenberger

M.M. Myers_edited.jpg

Mrs. M.M. (Florence) Myers

Jerry Novak.jpg

Jerry Novak

Ortly Odsen_edited.jpg

Ortly Odsen

John Paley_edited.jpg

John Paley

Julius Florence Pulvermacher_edited.jpg

Julius & Florence Pulvermacher

Harriet Purdy.jpg

Miss Harriet M. Purdy

Wilf Rae.jpg

Professor Wilf J. Rae

John Richardson_edited.jpg

John Richardson

William Sharpe_edited.jpg

William Sharpe

Louis Treppel_edited.jpg

Louis Treppel

Ted Wiens_edited.jpg

Theodor (Ted) R. Wiens

Art Wilson.jpg

Art Wilson

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